About PerkinsWood

  • PerkinsWood is Atlanta based duo Ann Wood and Jeff Perkins. Ann and Jeff have been playing in bands and recording since 1989.  PW music is prototypical psychedelic guitar instrumentals inspired by punk, rock, jazz, classical and ambient. 
  • PerkinsWood recordings include Do Easy (2022), Keys to the Circus (2016), Roll (2007), Son of Sparkle (2005), and Guitar Island (2004). PerkinsWood tracks are featured in the documentary, “Heart of the King.” (2008).
  • They performed as DEW on Sing Monkey Sing (1996), Jesus Christ Superstar a Resurrection (1994) featuring The Indigo Girls, Amplified Sister Ruby Sampler (1994) and I Feel Funny (2016).
  • Dew (1991-1997) was critically acclaimed and cited as Atlanta’s premier instrumental rock band by the Atlanta Journal Constitution. 
  • Jeff and Ann also recorded and performed as Hypedelic in Columbia, Missouri, recording Sedcilicious (1990) and Live from the Attic (1989). Upon returning to Atlanta, the duo released The Mansion and the Hood (1991) and started DEW.
  • Prior to meeting, Jeff Perkins was a founding member of Athens punk band Big Wall of Shit (1986-88). Ann Wood was a founding member of Art Sluts (1984-1986) and released a solo recording, Laughing Jackal Lullabies (1987).
  • Jeff and Ann married in 1991. PerkinsWood are founders of Atlanta’s NoWordsATL instrumental music festival.



PERKINS WOOD • theperkinswood@gmail.com