Duo Information

PerkinsWood (2004 - present) are American recording artists and composers, Jeff Perkins and Ann Wood. They play and create instrumental electric guitar music for live performance, albums and film.

PerkinsWood has released four albums. Soundtrack work includes the score to the award winning documentary, Heart of the King directed by Shane Stuart and Andrew Lankes.

Perkins and Wood began playing music during the mid-80's in Athens/ Atlanta, GA and Columbia, MO respectively. Wood's early bands include: the Art Sluts with Sheila Brynjulfson (1984-85) and Holidays and Famous Dead People (1987). Perkins' early bands include Big Wall of Shit (1986) and Big Wall of Fish -- an early incarnation of Big Fish Ensemble.

Perkins and Wood started collaborating as guitarist/song writers for the Columbia, MO band, Hypedelic (1989-1990). After returning to Atlanta, they formed the instrumental rock band DEW. DEW toured extensively in the Southeast and released three albums. (1991-1998)

PerkinsWood recently signed to Kramer's Second Shimmy label which includes international digital distribution through The Orchard. Their latest offering on Second Shimmy is a double release: "Keys to the Circus" as PerkinsWood, and "I Feel Funny" as DEW. This features the highly anticipated DEW cover of Ted Nugent's "Stranglehold" with vocals by Amy Ray.



PERKINS WOOD • perkinswood@bellsouth.net    3675 Satellite Blvd. Suite 100 Duluth, GA 30096