No, not all historians ~ Scheherazade's area of expertise is mainly medieval, and mainly British. Now THOSE guys knew how to write history!
For eighteen years Scheherazade has lived in the same old house. Since she is stubborn and not fabulously wealthy, she and this fine little house have become intimately acquainted through a series of renovation projects.
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, Scheherazade found a lost branch of her astral clan.
Fragmentary wisps gleaned from cold and ancient notes from the Annals of Little Bohemia.
Scheherazade hopes to someday write her own coffee pages, since that dark fluid is so vital to her existence.
As with the caffeine page, Scheherazade's Godzilla ambitions have exceeded her spare time. So until she gets caught up, she refers you, gentle visitor, to see The Parable of Reptilicus.

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